Health Care Fraud


Both the State of Florida and the Federal Government have dedicated task forces for Heath Care Fraud. As more money enters the health care system, prosecutors are aggressively targeting doctors and health care clinic owners and employees for Health Care Fraud.

For owners of clinics and for physicians who have their own practice or who are members of a group practice, Phil has a "stress test" where he will meet with you, examine your practice from top to bottom looking for indications of Health Care Fraud. The examination includes reviewing all applicable licenses, billing practices, coding procedures, HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliance, and your practice and procedures. Practice and procedures that invite scrutiny from prosecutors looking for Health Care Fraud can be changed with any disruption to a doctor's practice,

Health Care Fraud will be one of the most aggressively investigated crimes in South Florida for the foreseeable future. Phil has handled Health Care Fraud investigations at the pre-indictment stage, as well as Health Care Fraud trials and Health Care Fraud appeals.

If you are a doctor who has their own practice or who works for a clinic, it is imperative that you schedule an appointment to speak with Phil if you have any indication that the practice or clinic is being investigated for Health Care Fraud. A doctor or clinic owner or employee should never speak with any law enforcement agent, police officer, FBI or IRS agent, without an attorney. The FBI especially has a practice of "ambushing" physicians by appearing at their home, unannounced, usually in the early morning hours, and asking to speak with them about Health Care Fraud. The agents will not read Miranda rights because they will not be arresting the target of the Health Care Fraud investigation at that time. But the agents will be taking notes and will use anything and everything that is said to them against the physician in court for a Health Care Fraud prosecution.

If you are the owner of a clinic or medical practice of any type, including practices that provide imaging or therapy services, you should speak with Phil and allow him to review your licensing, the employment agreements with the doctors you employ, and your billing practices, so as to avoid any Health Care Fraud issues.

If you are an employee of a clinic that provides medical or therapy services and have any indication that the clinic is engaging in Health Care Fraud, you should schedule an appointment with Phil immediately.

South Florida has many pain clinics, hormone therapy clinics, testosterone therapy clinics, PIP accident clinics, and accident therapy clinics. All of these types of clinics are under heightened scrutiny by investigators for Health Care Fraud. The penalties for health care fraud are severe. Phil Reizenstein can make sure that your business or your practice is fully compliant with all of the myriad of regulations that are common in this industry.

The initial consultation is always free. The fees associated with conducting a comprehensive review of your practice or business are dependent upon the size of the business.

Consider Phil's review of your practice, clinic, or business as an ounce of preventive medicine.

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