If you or someone you know has been arrested, then there are some immediate questions you will want to be answered. Call us at 305-444-0755 or email us anytime and we will quickly respond. We help clients who have been recently arrested on the weekends and the evenings and we are available to handle first appearance hearings that are held in court on the weekends.

If someone you know has been arrested and has not been released, then you should check the information we have on bond.

If you have a question about what type of case you were arrested on, then you should read the section Felony and Misdemeanor Cases.

There are very important reasons why you should immediately call us if you or someone has been arrested:

1) We will go to the jail immediately (even on weekends) to visit the person arrested and if necessary take pictures of any injuries.

2) We collect evidence that can help your case. Many times evidence like emails and text messages can help in the defense of the case and the sooner we are aware of such evidence, the better. We use computer experts who are certified forensic investigators that are certified in collecting and documenting electronic evidence for use in court.

3) Subpoenaing the 911 and police transmission tapes that were created when a client was arrested can often assist in the defense of a client. The police department does not keep those transmission tapes beyond 30 days, and we will need to subpoena them immediately.

4) We work with licensed investigators who were former detectives with over thirty years of law enforcement experience. They can immediately begin interviewing witnesses and taking sworn statements, as well as collecting evidence and photographing scenes.

When you were arrested the police probably stopped working on your case. That is the best time for us to begin working on your defense. Witnesses disappear, the evidence is lost or destroyed, and memories fade. Successful criminal defense is more than just going to court and arguing reasonable doubt; it is about fighting back after you were arrested. Speak with us as soon as possible you or someone you know as been arrested and let us show you how we fight back for our clients.
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